The ±0 brand is something of a symbol that expresses the idea of being “just right”.
People naturally try identifying tools that fit in with their lifestyle based on their daily experiences.
This is also a search one makes themselves for their own preferences.
It’s a bit like gradually narrowing down the scope of the waver of your preferences, restoring them to the left when they waver to the right,
and then returning them back to the right when you return them too far to the left.
The sense of something being “just right” lies where your preference is decided.

A shape that is “just right”
We create shapes that are loosely aligned with the trends or lifestyles of the time that do not get too swept away by fashion, shapes that can be used for a long time.

A size that is “just right”
Our products are a little on the small side.
We aspire to the comfort that comes from returning to the right size following a greedy desire for size.

A price that is “just right”
We aim for affordable prices that allow you to purchase products when you desire them.

As the name suggests, we want ±0 products to be firmly at the center of the waver in people’s preferences.
We want them to be the golden mean, in the middle of peoples competing appetites.


By delivering products that blend in with the lives and living spaces of customers throughout the world, ±0 continues to provide a sort of unity to life.

To that end, ±0 seeks out the inevitable form that an object should essentially take; without being swayed by the manufacturer’s theories regarding common sense and efficiency and not leaving any of the functions necessary to that object out, ±0 promises to carefully deliver each and every product with suitable quality and at a fair price.

Through such corporate activities, ±0 seeks to contribute to the advancement of the world’s design culture.


HEAD OFFICE Kyobashi Trust Tower 8F,2-1-3 Kyobashi,Chuo-Ku,Tokyo 104-0031 Japan
Tel: 03-6667-0715 (main)
ESTABLISHED September 1, 2003
CAPITAL ¥100,000,000
EXECUTIVE Representative director: Mitsuo Aoki
OFFICERS Representative Director and Chairman: Hideo Masuda
Representative Director and President: Atsushi Uehara
Representative Director and Vice President: Shogo Kobayashi
Director: Norikazu Watanabe
Director: Isamu Aoki
Auditor: Daigo Yamaoka
MAIN BANKS Mizuho Bank,Ltd.Kobunacho Branch
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Hongo Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Shinbashi Branch


September 2003 The company is established (capital ¥20,000,000), with its main office located in Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
December 2003 Sales of its DVD/MD stereo component system begin; ±0 has continued to expand its line-up since then
March 2004 In-store sales start at COREDO Nihonbashi in Nihonbashi,Chuo-ku, Tokyo
October 2004 Head office is transferred to Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo
December 2004 ±0 is awarded the “Best Industrial Range” award in Wallpaper magazine’s “Wallpaper Design Awards 2004”
October 2005 ±0’s humidifier is awarded the 2005 Good Design Gold Award
August 2006 ±0 is selected in “50 Years of the G-Mark – Good Designers And the 100 Designs That Created the Times”
February 2007 ±0’s humidifier is selected for MoMA’s permanent collection
September 2008 Exhibit at MAISON&OBJET PARIS and beginning of expansion into Europe Awarded
“Best Product” as chosen by British design magazine Wallpaper Commencement of sales in major countries in Europe
December 2009 Becomes 100% subsidiary of LEC, INC
Head office is transferred to Nihonbashihamacho Chuo-ku, Tokyo
November 2010 Humidifier Ver.3 is exhibited in the APEC 2010 exhibition space for relevant governments
October 2011 The far-infrared electric heater, aroma diffuser, living roomfan, table fan and compact fan (clip / desk) all win 2011 Good Design awards
October 2012 The far-infrared electric heater with steam function, mini ceramic fan heater, aroma diffuser, high-position fan,
living room fan (DC motor type) and circulator all win
February 2015 The cordless cleaner Y010 is awarded the iF Design Award’s 2015 Gold Award
The aileron DC fan Y620 is awarded the 2015 iF Design Award
February 2019 The cordless cleaner Ver.3 C030 is awarded the 2019 iF Design Award
The Air Purifier C030 is awarded the 2019 iF Design Award
August 2019 The cordless cleaner Ver.3 C030 is awarded the 2019 IDEA Bronze Award
February 2020 The cordless cleaner Ver.3 C030 is awarded the 2020 Red Dot Design Award
The Air Purifier C030 is awarded the 2020 Red Dot Design Award
October 2020 The Garment Steamer is awarded 2020 Good Design Award
February 2022 The Garment Steamer and LED Stand Light are awarded the 2022 iF Design Award