What Is ±0?

The ±0 brand is something of a symbol that expresses the idea of being “just right”.
People naturally try identifying tools that fit in with their lifestyle based on their daily experiences.
This is also a search one makes themselves for their own preferences.
It’s a bit like gradually narrowing down the scope of the waver of your preferences, restoring them to the left when they waver to the right,
and then returning them back to the right when you return them too far to the left.
The sense of something being “just right” lies where your preference is decided.

A shape that is “just right”
We create shapes that are loosely aligned with the trends or lifestyles of the time that do not get too swept away by fashion, shapes that can be used for a long time.

A size that is “just right”
Our products are a little on the small side.
We aspire to the comfort that comes from returning to the right size following a greedy desire for size.

A price that is “just right”
We aim for affordable prices that allow you to purchase products when you desire them.

As the name suggests, we want ±0 products to be firmly at the center of the waver in people’s preferences.
We want them to be the golden mean, in the middle of peoples competing appetites.